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Aira Mahandru

After working in the fashion, corporate and legal world for 10 years, I was exhausted. I could not understand why I could no longer get out of the bed in the mornings, no matter how much I slept. My energy was low, so were my adrenals and iron levels.

I began to look for answers and embarked on an intense journey of discovering health. First I enrolled to study with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition - the nutrition and holistic health institution based in New York to become a certified health coach. After graduating, I continued on to study at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London and gained a diploma in both nutritional therapy and naturopathy.

I found that to keep up to date in this field the learning never stops. I am now one of only 38 fully certified Functional Medicine practitioners in the UK after further studying with the Institute for Functional Medicine. I continuously attend various Functional Medicine training events taking place in London.

Now I combine my health coaching practice with nutritional therapy and Functional Medicine. I find that in 80-90% of cases changing diet alone can bring tremendous change in people. But then there are those other cases that require digging deeper. That is where the role of Functional Medicine comes in. Through targeted testing it helps unravel the real causes of problems that someone may have been living with for years.

The road to health is not always easy. I compare it to physical fitness. If one has been neglecting their body for a long time, they cannot expect to get fit in two gym sessions. I help you to make small changes every day, at your own pace, so that you can get back to the point of health and equilibrium. That point is where your blood sugar is balanced, your mood is stable, you are absorbing nutrients from the foods that you eat, your skin starts glowing and you feel like jumping out of bed in the morning. That point is YOUR natural state of health and wellbeing.

There are many reasons you may be feeling low and ‘not yourself’, too many to list here and most of them will not apply to you directly. Working with a nutritional therapist and functional medicine practitioner will open up an amazing world of YOU and enable you to understand how your body functions and what can make it feel whole and healthy.

In good health,
Aira Mahandru
BA(Hons), Dip NT, IFM certified, mBANT, mIFM, CNHC registered


  • Fully Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner (Institute for Functional Medicine, US)
  • Diploma in Nutritional Therapy (College of Naturopathic Medicine, London)
  • Diploma in Naturopathy (College of Naturopathic Medicine, London)
  • Metabolic Balance® Coach (Metabolic Balance, London)
  • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (Institute for Integrative Nutrition, New York)

Professional Memberships

  • British Association for Applied Nutrition & Nutritional Therapy (BANT)
  • Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM)
  • Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)

Qualifications - other

  • Solicitor of England and Wales (non practicing)
  • Yoga teacher (British Wheel of Yoga registered)
  • BA International Business and Management (Hons)