Nutrition and Functional Medicine Consultations

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Nutrition & Functional Medicine Consultations

The consultations are bespoke and suitable for you if you have some underlying medical conditions or symptoms that have been troubling you for a while. We will work for a minimum of three months to establish underlying causes of your problems and make the necessary diet / lifestyle changes to enable you to get better.

Your first initial appointment will include a thorough case review where I will asses:

  • Your medical health history and lifestyle, including your current symptoms and main aims
  • Your current medications and supplements
  • Your body systems which include: gastrointestinal, nervous, endocrine, reproductive, immune, respiratory, urinary, cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, integumentary
  • Any blood tests, if you have had them done within the last six months

Based on the findings of your case review and body systems assessment, I will provide you some foundational advice.

In this first initial appointment we will also discuss what further blood work or Functional Medicine testing is appropriate for you and I will order test kits to be sent out to you, if needed.

On your next review appointment I will review your blood work or Functional Medicine testing results and explain those to you. We will discuss your individual programme and I will advise you on any supplements that are appropriate.

Further review appointments or calls will be scheduled according to your own individual schedule to support your though the journey of healing.

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Initial Appointment:
  • £120 per hour charged pro rata

Follow-up Appointment:

  • £120 per hour charged pro rata

Mid appointment telephone review:

  • £30 for 15 minutes or £120 per hour charged pro rata

Please note that additional review of any of the tests, writing to your GP or answering email enquiries will be charged at £120 per hour charged pro rata

Appointment locations

  • 1 Harley Street, London W1G 9QD - the nearest London underground stations are Oxford Circus or Bond Street


  • Fordwich Road, Fordwich, Canterbury CT2 0BN - Sturry Station is five minutes walk away

Skype / telephone:

  • I prefer seeing clients face to face, however if travel is not possible I am available for Skype / telephone / Face time consultations

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