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Weight Loss

In my practice I use the Metabolic Balance® nutritional programme, built on 25 years of scientific research, that rebalances and resets your metabolism, resulting in weight loss. It is a unique individualised food plan calculated on your own blood haematology and biochemistry test results, analysed by a sophisticated computer programme. Metabolic Balance® programme can also be used for weight gain in underweight individuals, hormone rebalancing, management of metabolic syndrome, reduction of inflammatory markers and optimum regulation of all body functions.

The aim of your individualised programme is to train your body to use energy at your body’s optimum level. The result is that your body becomes efficient at burning fat, even when you are sleeping. The most important aspect of the programme is blood sugar regulation, and once that is under control, you will be set free from cravings that so often rule our daily life.

A personalised eating plan is designed for you based on your current health status, medical history, taking into account any medications you take and whether you eat meat or are vegetarian. The plan is simple, easy to follow and unique to you. Over 500,000 individuals used the programme to successfully lose excess weight, maintain healthy metabolism and improve health as a result.

The nutritional food programme designed specifically for you incorporates real food, there are no synthetic powders, pills or food substitutes in the plan. Natural foods and a balanced diet are essential requirements for optimal physical and mental health and wellbeing. Good nutrition feeds the body and the mind, leading to a more fulfilled, happy and vibrant life.

Structure of Metabolic Balance Plan

Metabolic Balance® is a 3 month programme divided into four phases:

  • phase 1 - gentle two day detox
  • phase 2 - two to four week plan where metabolism reset starts. This part of the plan is rather strict, where you are allowed to eat foods listed in the plan only
  • phase 3 - adjustment phase where additional foods are added to your plan as well as one treat meal per week. This phase should be undertaken for further 2-3 months
  • phase 4 - you are able choose foods that make you feel good and feel best for you body. By this time you have eliminated spikes in you blood sugar and learned a new way of eating for life

The Metabolic Balance® programme consists of 5 consultations to support you fully through your journey. The consultations are timed to transition you into the next phase of the programme with as much support as you require.


The price for the 3 month Metabolic Balance® programme is £795 and includes:

  • a comprehensive laboratory blood test worth £390 which includes your haematology, biochemistry, thyroid function, pancreatic function, inflammatory markers, vitamin D levels and HbA1c (average plasma glucose concentration)
  • cost of blood draw, if you are based in London*
  • a thorough initial consultation to go through your health history, a follow up consultation to go through your personal Metabolic Balance plan, telephone calls every two weeks to touch base whilst you are following the three month programme
  • interpretation of your personal blood test
  • a personalised nutrition plan which sets out the principles, guidelines and stages of your nutrition programme, provides you with your diet plan and shopping list and space to monitor your daily / weekly progress, regular contact to keep you motivated
    • *please contact me if you do not have a possibility of coming to London to explore other options for blood draw

The Metabolic Balance® programme is only available through licensed practitioners who have undergone relevant training. You can find further information on Metabolic Balance® website.

Please note, this programme may not be suitable for you if you have been diagnosed with certain medical conditions.

Contact me to find out if this programme is appropriate for you.

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