What is Functional Medicine

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What is Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is a new health model for the 21st century. It is a patient focused approach where I will be assessing for the weaknesses and imbalances in your physiology to understand why you have developed particular symptoms that may have led you to get ill.

We will work together to correct the underlying causes of your symptoms so that your body can in turn return to a state of health, wellness and equilibrium.

Chronic disease is almost always preceded by a period of declining function in one or more of the body’s systems. Restoring health requires improving or reversing the specific dysfunctions that contributed to the diseased state. Each patient represents individual, unique, and often complex circumstances and lifestyle influences that have set a development of their particular health challenges. We work together to identify antecedents, triggers and mediators that may have contributed to your particular dysfunction.


Functional Medicine based treatment plan will often involve many different dietary interventions, use of nutraceuticals and lifestyle changes. Other interventions such as botanicals, exercise, stress management or mind/body techniques will also be discussed to support you through your journey from dysfunction to wellness.

To assess the causes of your symptoms I may employ the following advanced Functional Medicine tests*:

  • functionally oriented blood chemistry and complete blood count (CBC) analysis (this test is more advanced and detailed than the standard blood test issued by your general practitioner/medical doctor)
  • digestive and gastrointestinal assays, stool analysis
  • salivary hormone assays
  • detoxification panels
  • allergy panels
  • micronutrient assays: mineral, vitamin and essential fatty acid panels
  • adrenal stress profiles
  • metabolic profiles
  • genetic testing

*the price for Functional Medicine testing will be provided separately.

The focus of Functional Medicine is not on treating a particular condition but on identifying and removing the underlying cause and obstacles that block healing.

The benefits of utilising Functional Medicine

  • addressing the cause of your symptoms
  • improved digestion
  • improved absorption and utilisation of macro and micro nutrients
  • addressed nutrient deficiencies
  • improved bowel elimination
  • improved bowel flora
  • balance and modulated immune function
  • reduced/eliminated inflammation
  • improved blood sugar regulation
  • improved energy production and utilisation in the body
  • improved body composition
  • optimised phase 1 and phase 2 liver detoxification pathways
  • reduced burden of heavy metals
  • improved stress response
  • improved hormone function
  • improved metabolism

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For more information on Functional Medicine, please visit www.functionalmedicine.org

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